Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh bla di, oh bla da, life goes on....

a new home. 
on a farm. 
a farm cottage, if you will. 
moving from a home where i lived with my (then) husband for nine years, and had three children in.
scary isn't even the word i'm looking for. 
but, it seems exciting as well. 
something i can actually do on my own. 
a space original to me and my kids. 

then, in the middle of the stress of this life change, 
liam, sick. 2 hours to children's hospital. 
he's fine in the end :-)

Monday, September 10, 2012

oh what a day...

is today.

lots of pressure at work. LOTS of pressure at work.

financial pressure. LOTS of financial pressure.

however, i came home with laughing kids and a crockpot full of chili... and a warm bed.

which is where i'm headed now. here's to hoping tomorrow is better than today.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Am I always catching up?

Yes. Yes I am.

That is the way it will be, I suppose.
So busy lately with the close of summer, into fall.... school starting (so much homework for 1st grade!), getting into new routines, I've been oh-so-busy at work... and then of course just the normal living of this life.

A few things we are starting or trying to keep up doing around here--
keeping on routine! This means bedtimes, and uptimes.... this is hard for this family!
I'm trying to do a 'No Spend Challenge' of sorts. I know everyone has heard of this in some form or another.  Well, with birthdays, Christmas, school expenses, clothes for kids, and my bills jumping up a bunch starting in October.... well, I'm trying to cut corners and save wherever I can. I have really been feeling the financial hit of being a single parent lately.

So, I am going to try to keep up, and blog every day this month... even if just a photo. I think that it will help me be accountable :-)

Here are a few 'catch up photos' from an outing in Athens a few months ago. Yes, I know... I'm very behind ;-)