Monday, September 19, 2011

Catch up, again.... sigh....

Well, I'm certainly in major catch-up mode here.....

I've not been taking very many photos lately. For starters, I've been getting used to the all consuming work/school/daycare/work/house/kids/life schedule -- which is tough.... but worth it. I luckily am enjoying working and it's very satisfying in a way that being a stay at home mom wasn't (maybe its just because it's such a change from staying at home for years) but it is also hard to see the kids off everyday.

Then with Mallie in school, Jools preschool, Liam daycare.... just crazy!

Add in a couple bad weeks and that really equals very little photo-ing.

So, I'm playing catch up here. Just some random photos of the past month. I promise (mom!) that I will keep this up more now, having gotten into the swing of things finally.

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