Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Fun

Ahhhhhh air conditioning. What a fantastic invention. Central air? Even better.

I am sitting on my oh-so-comfy couch, covered by a blanket, listening to Liam snore (that boy will NOT fall asleep in his new bed! Dang.) where the heat of the day is a memory. And thank God, because damn, it was hot. 98' I do believe.

'Morning sickness' for me this time is more like 'afternoon sickness' ... and with the heat, it is really miserable. I am thinking I may hibernate and stay inside for the next two months.....

However, then I remember all the FUN we've been having this summer!

This past weekend Cole and I went to Haught Run in Wayne National Forest and camped. We had a great time... laying under stars, making awesome camp food, sleeping by the fire... and taking a five mile hike where we got lost and made a friend with some dude named Larry who had a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Good times! Yeehaw! It was so much fun, really recharged us, and there is nothing better than sharing dreams, and sleeping under the stars in the arms of the man you love.

Before we left I had a SUPER fun photoshoot with a couple cuties (see a few outtakes below)....and when we got back, I got to deliver unto Liam an old school Superman lunchbox we found at the Art Gallery Cole played at on Friday.... massively entertaining.

Anyway... not much of a post! Blah, blah, more later!

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