Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cha-cha-changes (yes, more!)

There has really been much going on here. Exciting things, but things that make me nervous too. 
I've quit my job. My last day at my current work is Friday.
I'll be starting a new job the next Monday.

My old job was::
strict hours
very low paying.
lovely co-workers
stable, long term- could have retired there
health insurance.

New job is::
flexible hours!
higher pay!
length of projects-- iffy
no health insurance

I am very excited. I'm also very nervous. I'll be going about a month without getting paid, for starters. And for someone recently divorced, who had a low paying job for a year.... well, that's a real hardship for me. 

But, we'll do alright. We have become quite adept at finding our way, these kids and I. 

On another, and completely different note, Autumn has been beautiful and amazingly fun for us! The new house has come along wonderfully, and the kids are loving school, their friends, and everything. 

I look forward to trying some new recipes lately and sharing them. I've been into Japanese food lately. 
Garden planning for the spring is already (already!) in the works. 
Between a garden and chickens, I'm hoping to grow at least 1/2 our food supply. 

Can't wait to share :-)

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