Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sick Day = Idea Day

Mal is home sick today. 
Stomach flu. 
Winter is near... which means, with three kids and one mama.... lots of sickness, continually. UGH.

She also was bashed in the face a couple days ago in gym class (ran into a kid wearing glasses... the glasses broke and gave them each nasty cuts)
Poor girl.

I'm staying home from work to be with her, and it's been nice. The little kids went on to daycare/preschool, and Mal has been reading and watching movies, we've been snuggling, and I've been able to catch up on some housework (booooo) and also work on and solidify some ideas I have had milling about in my head.

As if I weren't busy enough, (you know, with all the kids, being a single mama, a new job, and also working seasonally for my friend Kristie in my 'spare' time ;-)) 
I have a couple personal projects that I really feel the need to do. 
I need to commit to, and do, my 'Faces of Marietta' portrait project. I'd really like to complete this by summertime, and have a showing. 
I also have some ideas I'm working on for a project on children. More on that later. 

I ALSO, have decided I will be taking 8 commissions for the upcoming year (2013). 
These will all be lifestyle portrait sessions. Family, children, etc. 
No weddings. 
No posing.
All natural light. 
A session will last around 2-3 hours, and will be $500 and include a disc of around 30 high res digital images, with the copyright released to you for personal printing purposes.
If interested, feel free to contact me.
More on that later too :-)

Hope everyone is having a lovely day. It's cold, but sunny here.... 

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